Internet has become an important part of our everyday life, a day without internet is hard to imagine. We use internet every day without knowing much about it. Here are some cools tips of using internet which will make your browsing experience more enjoyable and faster.

The Annoying http://

Do you know that you don’t actually have to write down the http portion of a web address? Yes, in fact you can use a shortcut for this. You can press the Ctrl+Enter key together to bring the http:// to your web address. It will make your browsing faster and effective. So try this cool shortcut today and get rid of the annoying http:// typing. If you want to do it faster, you can just write down the site address without putting http in it, it will still work.

Navigation between Fields

The process of registering/signup in a new site can be very annoying. There are so many fields to fill and you have to take your mouse courser for each field. The process of moving your mouse to each field can be time consuming. So here is cool tip for you, use the tab button on your keyboard to move between the fields of a form. Shift+tab key can also be used to move backward. This process will make your signup process easier and less time consuming.



Browser Shortcuts

Almost all browsers come with a set of shortcuts to make your browsing experience more fun and easy. You should get to know about these shortcuts. These short keys are very help if you don’t want to use your mouse when browsing. For example, in Firefox you can use Alt+D key to move your mouse cursor into the address bar. There are plenty of other shortcuts available for you in your browser. Suppose you want to hire a airport limo Mississauga for your next occasion and found some sites about limousine rentals. You can bookmark these page with shortcut keys and Ctrl+B key will open these bookmarks for you.

Plugins and Extension

Most of us just use a plain browser to without installing any plugins at all. It is not a clever thing to do. A browser comes with thousands of cool plugins to make your browsing experience fun and enjoyable. You should use these plugins for a better browsing experience. Most people have this misconception that installing plugins will make the browser slower. It is not true at all, in fact plugins may provide acceleration to your browsing.

Using Search Engines

If you want to hire a limousine car for your next event, you may the help of your search engine to find the right information. Getting the most out of a search engine is also a clever thing to do. Use quotation mark when you are searching particular about something. For example you can write ‘limousine rental’ in the search box to get the right websites of Mississauga Limo rentals.

So these are some cool tips to make your internet using experience faster and more enjoyable.



This is the age of internet and to do well with your small business, it is essential that you have a strong online presence. Online presence can mean many things like a website, a blog or an ecommerce platform. But if you can make a combination of all of these things, your business will be booming soon. Internet provides us with many benefits, therefore you have to take all the advantages of being online. A business with online appearance allows to interact with customers more closely. Your potential customer can turn out to be long time partners thorough online. You have to explorer all the potential customer of your business. And internet is the easiest way to do it. Here are some benefits listed below

Easier to Know About Potential Customer

Now a days if someone wants to know about a business, the first things comes in mind is the Google search. Potential customers relies heavily on online research for receive service. If you are not found online, you will be left unnoticed. So you need an online presence in order to catch the attention of your potential customers. Today’s business is highly competitive and you want to be one step ahead of your competition. Without a strong online presence, it is almost impossible to achieve.

Showcase Your Service

Internet is probably the most efficient and easiest way of showcasing your product and service. Starting up a new business requires a lot of money. Therefore you are left with a little fund for the advertising. It is wiser to create an online presence of your service. You can easily display your products there and make it easier for your customer to find you.


Building Relation

If you are good at something, you have to let people know that. You cannot expect a huge response from the market if people don’t know about your business. An online appearance will make it easier to build relationship with your customer. Your potential customer will know about your business and may be they will become long time partners of your business. You have to let them know about yourself.

Establish your Business

It is more likely that the market is full of your competitor. Most of them are providing the same service like you. So how do you make a difference? Internet is the best answer. To establish your small business into a strong market, you have to create an online presence. You will never know about the benefits of internet until you start using it for your business. Website and social networking platforms are considered as one of the strongest marketing tools now a days.

So these are some benefits of having an online presence with your business. You will also get plenty of other benefits from internet. So be ahead of your competitor and start using internet to establish your business. It is an exciting and effective way of marketing for your small business.